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Dear Blog,

Hallo little blog. I’ve missed you this month. I’m sorry I haven’t visited, it has been a bit hectic over here.

No matter, November is nearing its end, so the Christmas shopping, visiting and nano-ing is just about done.

I’ve thought about you a lot during all of it … wondering if I am doing you justice … which I wasn’t. I’ve decided to, from now on, spend quality time with you, instead of quantity time. I’ve also decided to write more and talk less and to write what I feel and not what I feel I should.

From now on, when I visit you, we’ll make magic … together.











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Let’s nano!

Nanowrimo starts tomorrow and I will be behind this door …

for 30 days, staring at my computer …

and doing some of this …

(writing, not talking), at the end of which I’ll feel like this …

and you will be welcome to come get some …

because I hope to have written something as beautiful as this …

Why am I doing it? Because …

And I believe in magic.

(Photos source: Tahereh Mafi)

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