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We got usses a prezzie!

Yay! I love presents!

I got this from fellow partner in crime in the blogosphere, Tonia Marie Houston. So now it is my turn to spread da luv!


1. Thank the giver. (Thanks Tonia!)

2. Pick 5 bloggers to pass the award on to. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Two of my five are ladies who have already received this, but you deserve some more!

Karen S Elliot and Tonia Marie Houston

Anja Serfontein  and Marcia at (this will look great next to your Liebster awards 🙂 )

I am going to borrow the following paragraph from Tonia:

“The aforementioned women are talented, intelligent, and take the time to leave thoughtful comments that stoke the inner fire.  Their blogs are informative, quirky, and well worth anyone’s time.  I promise you won’t regret clicking on their names for a peek at what they have created.”

3.  Copy and paste the award

4.  Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.

5.  Have bloggy fun!


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