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Ebb and Flow (a poem)

Liquid flow of dreams and wishes

washed upon a silent shore.

Underneath the silver moonlight

sparkles dance through an open door.

“Are you awake?” They ask

and laugh when they are ignored.

“Silly human!” They sing and leap

and tease the tangles from your mind.

Your eyes are opened and you behold

the size of your folly, the shine of false gold.

“Damn you!” Some humans will cry

and shake their fists at the sky.

“I didn’t ask to see, to feel, to hear.

Take it away! Take it away!”

But others will whisper with eyes full of light,

“Thank you, thank you!” and go on their way to do what they might.

Blind or seeing, which one do you choose?

Either brings darkness, either brings fear.

Take some time, but not too long,

Hope lives in one, you have much to lose.

(Photo source: Tahereh Mafi)

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We watched Invictus last night, again. And it touched me, again. The quote from Nelson Mandela was exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right time.

I leave you with that today. Happy Easter Holidays.

I am the master of my Fate. I am the captain of my Soul. 

Table Mountain, Cape Town

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