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More good news!

In my continued attempt to spread some cheer:

*  “If you are still breathing maybe it is not such a bad day after all.” – Darren Laws

*  Apparently it is legal to be nude in public in San Francisco (as long as the man keeps it down). The good news is that a district representative now wants to make it illegal to sit naked on public seating without placing a towel or something similar between bottom and seat, or to enter restaurants totally in the buff. First offense would be a $100 fine, escalating to a misdemeanor and maximum $1,000 fine/year in jail for a third strike. (Reminder to self: carry antiseptic wet wipes at ALL times if ever going to San Francisco!)

*  Always wanted to be a secret agent? You can join Secret Agent L who started her work in July 2009. Her mission? “Be kind. No exceptions.” Her project has since blossomed into an international phenomenon of random acts of kindness. Follow her here.

* Do you have some spare fabric lying around? Make your own eco-friendly shopping bags, or join The Green Bag Lady and her team of volunteers. They make fabric bags out of donated material and give them away for free in exchange for a promise to use them instead of paper or plastic. Here is a pattern to make your own bag.

* In a shout-out to my home country: In terms of the Global Competitiveness Report 2011, South Africa’s biggest improvements over the past year have been combating crime (we moved from 120 to 110); Brain drain (we moved from 79 to 62); Government debt (we moved from 60 to 45) and tax efficiency (we moved from 40 to 30).  (Ok, I know we’re not there yet, but we’re working on it. Woot Woot!)

And finally:


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Some good news please?

I am so tired of bad news. Can the media please focus on something positive for a change? Yes, I know we’re all broke, education systems are going to hell along with the world’s weather and our politicians are corrupt, but can we at least smile and have a party while we all go down in flames?

In that light, here is some good news from around the world to brighten your day:

*  The sun came up this morning! Seriously … that’s important …

*  Great news for film buffs! Alfred Hitchcock’s long lost first feature film, The White Shadow, was discovered by the New Zealand Film Archive. It has been found after a world-wide search.  Read more here.

*  In another New Zealand story, the wayward penguin named ‘Happy Feet’ is released back into the wild after he was found hundreds of miles from his Antarctic home.

*  A woman in Ohio found a wallet containing $4600 and didn’t hesitate to turn it over to the police. And you thought there were no more honest people left! Would you have returned it?

*  In the writing world, Nathan Bransford blogged about the importance of authenticity and honesty when it comes to the internet and your blog. I was really happy to read his post, because it gives hope to those of us who prefer not to SELL, SELL, SELL ourselves all the time and just want to write about things that matter to us.

*  Apparently there is a trash patch, twice the size of Texas, floating in the ocean between Hawaii and San Francisco. The good news is that people are starting to think about how they can turn this mess into a sustainable alternative. Waterworld … anyone?

*  The Empire State Building in New York is going green! If one of the world’s most recognizable buildings can do it, surely the world will follow?

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more good news next week!

Photo from Tahereh Mafi’s site.

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