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I’ve been hosted!

Hi everyone,

Krissy Brady is hosting me over at her site today. She runs a wonderful blog for writers, chockfull of advice and inspiration. Please visit and read my ‘smart’ ideas on how to become a pro-procrastinator.

Thanks Krissy  🙂

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16 Ways to make damn sure you don’t get any writing done.

(No time for photos or quotes today. I am very busy weeding …)

1.  Start your day with making an elaborate breakfast for your family/yourself.

2.  Make an elaborate packed school lunch for The Kids.

3.  Send The Man off to work and The Kids off to school; be sure to stand in the front yard waving for at least 15 minutes.

4.  Check the mailbox … twice.

5.  Check the flower beds for stray weeds (difficult when it’s been snowing or the ground is frozen solid, but WORK at it dammit!)

6.  Go inside and play with the cats/dogs/fish for at least 30 minutes. You are their slave, after all.

7.  Make yourself some coffee. Sit down in front of the laptop.

8.  Check your facebook page, make sure to like/comment on all your friends’ posts.

9.  Check your email (ALL your accounts); read everything, even the spam.


11.  Read ALL your favorite blogs, something new might have been posted since yesterday. Be sure to comment on EVERYTHING.

12.  Stare into space, daydreaming. You need inspiration to start writing.

13.  Wow, The Kids are home! Where did the time go?

14.  Check their homework, make dinner, get them in bed.

15.  Fall into bed, exhausted.

16.  Dream about what you are going to write tomorrow.

Congratulations! You didn’t get any writing done!

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