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Soooo … I haven’t been blogging for a while now because my brain has ‘left the building’ and gone to that place where brains go when difficult decisions have to be made.

It just came back and the result is: I’ve decided to shelve my first novel and start from scratch. Yep, 68 000 words are going in the drawer and may never see the light of day.

It feels as if I’m sawing off my arm.

The fact is that the story is just not strong enough. I don’t think my writing sucks (at least not all of it), but there comes a point where something can’t be fixed and any attempt at fixing it will leave it looking like a woman who has had too much plastic surgery. Fake.

I will always love my first novel; it is like that first kiss that you will never forget, no matter how sloppily bad and all over the place it was. But, just like kissing, practice makes perfect and, 3000 words into my second novel, I am already much more excited about the whole process.

I couldn’t, however, bring myself to say goodbye to all the characters. After all, I’ve spent the last two years with them and have gotten to know them really well. Which is why some of them are being reincarnated into the new story, albeit in new roles.

Wish me luck, for I am getting back on the horse and trying again. Hey ho Silver awaaaayyyy!

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